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When it comes to cryptocurrency there’s no better place I rather invest, buy, or sell than via PayPal. is a safer environment when it comes to managing your money, make purchases online, send and receive money worldwide.

PayPal’s Crypto trading went live on 11/12/2020. This is a new service offered to PayPal Cash Plus account holders. Now you can buy Crypto on PayPal starting at just $1.

Once you logged-in to your PayPal account, there’s a new section on the Summary page below your PayPal balance called Your Crypto. It displays the Current value of your holdings, with a Buy and Sell button to access the cryptocurrency to buy or sell your currencies. Below is how your Summary page will look like with the new PayPal feature:

When you click on the Buy and Sell button, you will able to see a live up to date current exchange rates of 4 different cryptocurrencies currently being offered and managed by PayPal for Cash Plus account holders: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. There’s also info for you to learn more about crypto, getting started with crypto, crypto on PayPal FAQ. See how it looks like below:

I have been a PayPal member since 2018. I use it to safely buy things online with full controls over my spending. With my PayPal account, I can use it to pay for things I purchase online, receive my affiliates commissions, or send someone money or accept payments straight into my PayPal account. I just bought my first shares of Bitcoin via PayPal on, and it feels good. This Cryptocurrency via Paypal review is based on my personal experience with this new PayPal feature. I am a PayPal Cash Plus account holder and I’m loving it 🙂

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