The Life of an Internet Entrepreneur

A Message From Kyle (Co-creator of WA)

Today I want to spend a little time sharing a bit of insight into MY life, and what the life of an Internet Entrepreneur looks like. Some people really have a tough time “imagining” what it will look like, so I want to give you some perspective from my past 18 years being full-time online.

Alright…let’s chat “lifestyle” here for a bit. Getting up in the morning can be tough, in particular when you are not motivated or excited about the day ahead. The screeching sound of the alarm clock, jumping out of bed to get ready in a tired state, and then marching off to work like it is “Groundhog Day”.

I don’t know if this is how you feel about going to work in the morning, but I know personally that this is what I was dealing with prior to getting rolling within the online world. I didn’t care for my job (I was working for a telecommunications company), and I certainly didn’t enjoy the morning struggle to get myself to work. lol

Since 2002 though, I have been a full time Internet Entrepreneur. This means the past 18 (almost 19) years I have been working exclusively online, so I feel I know a thing or two now about what the “internet lifestyle” looks like.

The reality is that most people are not doing something that they love, or something that fulfills them. We live in a snooze button society. One where punching the snooze on our alarm clock is a better option than getting up and going to work. That doesn’t have to be your reality though. The Internet represents a way for ANY and ALL of use to create and grow a business online, doing something that we LOVE.

That is my reality. That has been my reality for almost 19 years. It comes with A LOT of benefits, and some things that people tend to not anticipate. So what does my day-to-day look like? What are some things that I do throughout the day, that others probably wouldn’t anticipate?

Let me offer you some insight here…

My Morning. Each and every day starts off very similar, but one thing that has never been the case in my years as an Internet Entrepreneur is a need for an alarm clock. I get up when I get up. I go down, brew a coffee and then start my work day. No driving to work, no time waste in the day…I literally am at work within 15 minutes from getting up. That leads to a lot of “productivity” time throughout the day, and it is one of the reasons I am able to get a lot done.

I don’t miss driving to work. I don’t miss wasting time in traffic and dealing with crazy drivers. And I certainly don’t miss my alarm clock blaring at some ridiculous time in the morning. I get up when I get up. Sometimes this is 7am. Sometimes this is 9:30am. But I always start my day well rested, and ready to rock. There is nothing more lovely than having freedom to sleep.

My Work Schedule

I work throughout the day. I take breaks as I wish. I run errands as I wish. I meet Carson for business lunches (not as many right now with the pandemic). I see my two girls (4 and 7) off to school every day. And I am able to be present during and at dinner every evening.

I am able to spend time with my wife (who is stay at home), and we get to enjoy dinners out as a family. I am able to work out in the yard, and I am able to take entire days off when I need to.

That Internet Entrepreneur lifestyle offers complete work flexibility. If you have a free moment and access to a computer, you have the capability to “work”. So you are always in essence at the office.

This is a good thing for productivity. I am a workaholic, but I don’t feel like it because I enjoy what I do. I am writing this right now after a work out at the gym, it is 10:30pm. That is what my work schedule looks like, sporadic, yet focused and I am to able to be productive every day. Work freedom…it’s a brilliant thing!

How I Reward Myself

This seems like a funny thing to discuss, but I know most people imagine themselves rewarding themselves with something special when they reach the proverbial “success” mark. Here is the reality though, from my perspective. You set ambitious goals, these could be financial landmarks that you want to achieve. You reach them, say your first $10,000/mth. Then what? Do you buy yourself something fancy? Maybe you made your first $1MM online…now what?

We envision this as being the moment where we race out and buy something materialistic, but that is usually not the case. Sure you can afford nice things at that point, but you tend to already have BIGGER goals that you have set by the time you set your initial ones. And that has been the case with me. By the time I reach a goal, I am already consumed with the next goal. You reward yourself whenever you want, and I suppose I do, but it is never on the specific “milestones” that I imagine. Money freedom and doing something that you are passionate about are the biggest rewards of being an Internet Entrepreneur.

Traveling on the job

This is something that is an absolute game changer, and will be in your life if you and when you achieve full time status within the online world. You get to travel and work while on the road. You can go on a family trip and still be very much connected and be building out your business.

You can relocate to anywhere you want, and still be productive. I often times (pre-covid) used to pop into a Starbucks and work (I actually have a few favorite coffee shops around), and I would work half a day there. This helps change up your environment and leads to creativity. That is what being an Internet Entrepreneur offers you. Location freedom. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can still operate a successful business. 😉

The Potential

Now this is my absolute favorite part of being a full-time entrepreneur within the online world. The potential is unlimited. There are 4.75 BILLION people online. They are spending more money than ever online…and more time than ever. That is my potential audience and that is YOUR audience as an Internet Entrepreneur.

The Internet has provided us all an incredible opportunity to take ANY passion, any interest, and build a business of any level of success within that particular niche. This still blows my mind, but it is the reality of the opportunity before all of us. Financial freedom is one of the true benefits of being an Internet Entrepreneur.

We can help. 100%.

Give me ONE year of your time and a little bit of effort and I will give you a path to a LIFETIME of freedom!

The biggest problem people have when “attempting” to create a business online is simple. We all want it fast….we want it easy…and we want it now! This leads to people chasing shiny objects, that only end up turning into a big waste of money (and precious time). Sound familiar?

The problem is that most people don’t give their business enough time to succeed and this is partly due to an industry claiming that “overnight” success is possible. It isn’t. Most people simply don’t give themselves enough time to have their “breakthrough” moment which happens at a different speed for everyone. For me, this was just after 3 month mark (when I made my first income online), for you it could be sooner or longer. It all depends, but once you have this MOMENT, you will never look back.

3 months. That was when I had my “aha” moment online. So when I see people giving themselves a time frame of one month to achieve success online I cringe knowing that they are likely going to stop just short of their success. It can take a few months to get the ball rolling with a new business, but EVERY single person I have ever worked with in the last 15 years at WA have had their breakthrough moment happen within a year…many of which were full time within a year or shortly thereafter.

Absolutely EVERY SINGLE WA member that has given themselves adequate time to succeed, has achieved success. It is just a matter of doing what you are already doing to scale out your success.

One thing that I can assure you of is this

If you have access to a membership at WA for a year, and you take ACTION for a year, and you ask for HELP when you need it throughout that year….you are going to have your own personal BREAKTHROUGH moment in business.

I am going to be running a live class exclusively for WA members, that will walk you through “Creating a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021”. I am going to be giving you some incredible insights into how Carson and I handled the 2008 economic crisis and came out WAY ahead, and how YOU can create a thriving business in the midst of a pandemic and economic uncertainty. It is going to be a thought provoking, and very insightful class that is going to set you up for success in the year ahead. The upcoming year is going to be the year of YOU becoming a full time Internet Entrepreneur!

We are excited about the sort of businesses that are going to be built at WA in 2021, and we would love to have YOU as part of the family in 2021. Today is the day to make the decision to invest in your personal success and an exciting year ahead. 2021 is going to be a breakthrough year indeed!

Take advantage of this offer and don’t look back.

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